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Food Products

Current products include:

  • Maple Balsamic Waffle & Pancake syrup

  • Original Overnight Waffle & pancake Mix

  • Gluten Free Overnight Waffle Mix

  • Maple Mustard


Food product manufacturing and distribution for wholesale is an easily definable process with the least guess work of any of these options.  These products are high quality with solid branding and would likely fetch a premium price.  We are currently only doing DTC sales via our website, but there is more margin doing it that way for now until we ultimately decide to go all in on wholesale

Box of 6 syrup.JPG


  • Most easily scalable of all of the options.

  • Very portable; could really produce these products anywhere.

  • Simple ingredient list makes for easy procurement of ingredients.


  • We do not currently have the infrastructure to handle large commercial orders

  • Would need to secure a commercial food production site or hire a co-packer to produce the products.

  • Setting up a large scale production facility would most likely require outside capital.

Maple Balsamic Syrup
Maple Mustard
Overnight Waffle Mix
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