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Every smile that I get from every person that eats one of these waffles brings a little part of my late Grampa back to life.  Goggie would be so happy that so many people have gotten to enjoy these waffles!

These recipes are the work of the past 20 years of my family's daily life; through joys, triumphs, and tragedies we have always had a sweet little bit of home that we could count on: the waffle.  We have been able to break bread (or waffles actually) with friends, co-workers, diplomats, dignitaries, and complete strangers on 4 continents and in about 10 US States over the past 20 years and we have done that with the magic community binder that is the waffle.  You see, waffles are a social food because they take time to cook.  You sit around the table and wait for the next one, but the magic is in what happens while they cook - everyone talks!  It is so lovely to have time to sit and talk over breakfast, which is somehow less formal than a dinner party.  No pretense, nothing fake - people are more real around the breakfast table.  We love getting people together to really connect with each other, and there is no better tool to leverage than the Waffle Social Club waffle.

We make our own home made syrup too!  Check it out here.

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